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After several hours, the independently selected Neighbourhood Challenge judges, finally came to the difficult decision of choosing the 6 winners of the Neighbourhood Challenge……….

These are :

1) BEST (Brixham Edge Sport Tasters) – Rachel Shears

2) The Edge Training Kitchen – Emily Thompson, Sophie Thompson & Mara Slipper

3) Forgotten Crafts – Casey Vandenberg

4) Juciy Theatre – Jade Campbell and Victoria Campbell

5) BYTES (Brixham Youth Training and Employment Service – Mark & Aryden Pocock

6) Upcycling – Sean Miness

A massive WELL DONE to all the winners! They have won £3500 for their project which opens up so many opportunities for each of them.

Juicy Theatre – Jade and Victoria have recently opened a community bank account for Jucy Theatre. They are planning a trip to London for the Juicy Theatre crew. It is all very exciting for them and the prize money will help them to expand further. Check out their facebook page for more information!/pages/Juicy-Theatre/120376691399652 Jade and Victoria both have a passion for drama and for young people, therefore Juicy Theatre is absolutely perfect for them. They have both work extremely hard to make it a success. Jade is also considering doing a Masters in Drama/Theatre…well done Jade and Victoria!!!!

BEST – Rachel has got some very exciting times coming up in the next few months. Her tennis club starts again in May at St Mary’s Park (for children and adults). She is offering sport to the Brixham YES Young Volunteers on a monthly basis (playing at The Edge and going to different venues/locations in Brixham). She is undertakimg several coaching courses herself which include Level 2 Tennis Coach, Level 2 Basketball Coach and Level 1 Table Tennis Coach. Using the table tennis qualification she is going to set up a table tennis club at The Edge (day to be confirmed), which an ex England Table Tennis champion will be attending :). Rachel has also made several links with schools and local sports clubs….including Ibex Canoe Club and she is currently in the process of organising ‘One Star’ and ‘Two Star’ courses so if you are interested then find Rachel at The Edge. Rachel has also developed a high interest of people who would like to volunteer with her, and she is putting them through several courses : first aid, sport apprenticeships, coaching awards as well as giving them experience to develop as a coach. Rachel is also going to be doing weekly sport sessions at Indigo’s as well as an Outdoor Activity programme with the Young Volunteers. Rachel is also in the process of developing her own website, which you can imagine is a very long process, but we look forward to seeing it when it has been completed!!! Well done Rach!!!!!

Forgotten Crafts – Now this is a very exciting time for Casey and everyone involved with Forgotten Crafts as they have moved into a new premises. This is in the back room of Brixham YES’ charity shop. A much better use for it and the last time I saw, they were fully moved in, and had their equipment in. Several people come and go, and from talking to Casey, he has mentioned some very exciting prospects for Forgotten Crafts, however I am going to keep that a surprise and you will just have to keep checking back to see what they are up to 🙂 Well Done Casey!!!

BYTES – Mark & Aryden have developed BYTES into a well know programme for the young people of Brixham. They have made links with Brixham Job Centre as well as Hele Hub in Torquay. They are currently running courses in The Edge cafe on a Wednesday (another day to be confirmed). These are all in line with the cafe….such as health and hygiene, first aid in the workplace etc. Both Mark & Aryden have worked extremely hard, especially as they get referrals from the Job Centre, they give young people the chance to learn new skills, gain qualifications, and search for a job. The Edge is the perfect place for BYTES to develop as there are always so many people here who are willing to help and offer their experience in a wide variety of disciplines. Well done guys….keep ud the good work 🙂

Upcycling – Sean is making so much positive progress with his project. He has also taken on the responsibility of the community allotment which he linking with Upcycling. The following link shows his most recent press release – Sean has developed many links with local people as well as local organisations to help him further Upcycling into a business. He is making a website, planning summer schools, and is constantly on the move as he has lots to do. If anyone is interested in being a volunteer at the allotment or finding out more info then pop into The Edge and talk to Sean. Well done Sean!!!

The Edge Training Kitchen – Mara is busy running The Edge cafe 5 days a week, and recently she did a course on ‘cooking on a budget’ – what a fantastic idea, considering we all spend far too much on food, but Mara can help us realise you can cook yummy food that does not actually cost very much money. Mara has also organised for The Edge to be an Arts Award Centre… this is extremely exciting as she has linked up with several volunteers who have a passion for art and creativity (Ali and Millie) who are going to be running the courses. In a short way……the course will involve doing a project (in relation to art) with the support and guidance of Mara, Ali and Millie, to gain qualifications. If you would like to find out more then come to The Edge on a tuesday between 3pm and 6pm to talk to them! Mara had also completed another installment of Kids Kitchen – once again very successful!! Well done Mara!!!!

Even though the Neighbourhood Challenge period is over, all the groups will still carry on and Brixham YES will support them as much as we can. We are all very proud here at Brixham YES for what has been achieved through the Neighbourhood Challenge, not just the winners, but everyone who was involved. So many different future prospects are available such as becoming a business, a social enterprise or a community group. The Edge is still available to hire for events and local groups to use on a weekly basis. Everyone here at YES will support anyone who comes in with an idea of how to develop their project or just to come in for a chat….thats what we are here for 🙂 One final thing………………………



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