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Final Neighbourhood Challenge Presentations – ‘our chance to shine’

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Well it has come to that time of the year when the Neighbourhood Challenge is almost over 😦 – and I can say for a lot of the people involved who I have talked to that it has been such an amazing experience, and we have all developed so much. This has involved : building our confidence, meeting new people, improving and developing our skills and overall helping to benefit our community in so many different ways!

On Sunday 26th February, we had our ‘Final Presentations’ held at The Edge. Now it is a very good thing that we (YES) have a rather large premises as there were all the Neighbourhood Challenge projects here… the cafe, in the main area and even upstairs! The Edge was open from 9am (approx) as Andrew and Katrina were cooking food for everyone (which included some yummy brownies), and all the projects began to arrive at about 9.45am. We all started to set up our ‘stalls’ which I honestly though would only take half an hour……I was soon proved wrong as at 11.40am I was still putting it all together (some might say I was a bit of a perfectionist).

Mara setting up her stall :)

Mara setting up her stall 🙂

Ntembe promoting 'The Tiffin Box'

Ntembe promoting 'The Tiffin Box'

Nonetheless, all the projects were getting everything complete, the judges were arriving and we (well definitely me) were starting to feel very nervous!

Finally, everything was ready and Andrew addressed all of the projects in the main area, and told us what to expect during the day! At this point the judges were going to be walking around and talking to us all about our projects! This was quite scary in my opinion as I am not the best at talking about my achievements which is probably why a lot of people were shocked that sport has been my whole life since I was three! Also, the ‘Sofa of Enquiry’ had started at this point too. This was a chance for the projects who did not wish to do a presentation (in front of everyone) talk to the judges.

Sophie & one of our judges

Sophie & one of our judges

Rose talking to Achim (one of the judges)

Rose talking to Achim (one of the judges)

The day was going really well, a lot of people had talked to the judges on the sofa as well as by our stalls. Although there was a group of us who were preparing for our presentation in front of everyone…..I will admit that I tried to get out of this in the morning!! But my preparation was still going ahead! We all had a short break for lunch whilst Ross set up the screen and projector for the presentation and getting everything in place to ensure everyone had a seat to listen to the rest of the projects.

It was now the time for these presentations……..all the judges were seated and the majority of the projects were in the main area too. I will admit that at this point I was sat at the back out of the way hoping I would not be seen to do my presentation, although I was second up, and Angela and Mara were stood next to me, so I couldn’t really get out of it! Throughout the next hour and a half….myself and other projects including : Indgigo’s Cooking Club, Forgotten Crafts, Yes I Can Do That, Photo Links, Brixham Edge Sport Tasters, Perform, BrixFest, Brixham Battery, Brixham Museum, Brixham Community Allotment (these are all that I can remember…sorry if I have not mentioned you).

Indigo's Cooking Club

Indigo's Cooking Club

BrixFest 2012

Forgotten Crafts

Well now that all the presentations had been completed and all those talking on the ‘sofa of enquiry’ have finished, it was time to wrap the day up! We had all spent a very long time putting our stall together so you can imagine the time it took to pack everything away! The judges were still walking around chatting to some of the projects and everyone looked so much more relaxed! All we had now was the waiting game to find out which 6 projects would win £3500 each! The NESTA Cake

Thanks for reading the blog everyone 🙂 x


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  1. We love the NESTA cake. Fantastic.

    Philip Colligan

    March 22, 2012 at 2:01 pm

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